What If

Yesterday, I saw this tweet from @dunkhippo33, Elizabeth Yin. A thought to ponder. Comparing this with our local startup ecosystem here in Manila.

‌.. I know of some groups or individuals that does angel investing, however as of to date, as far as i know it is mostly happening offline, a good train of thought I've had for the past few days is what if we have a homegrown online platform similar to Cropital's business model or The Spark Project, but will be more focused on featuring founders that have ideas or existing startups that are promising and or have achieved certain milestones, therefore giving these founders the opportunity to pool capital from people like us in the community or might as well be able to reach well-known professionals in the industry for an advisory role.

I have not thought a lot about the feasibility or the reasons why someone have not done this yet, but I look forward to see this happen one day. After all, this might be the right timing.

If there's one thing I learned working on a startup for about 4 years now is that angel investors will invest primarily because of the team, banking on the thought of your leadership as founders — you are the right person with the right team to execute and turn that idea into reality — a high-impact and growing startup with a profitable and sustainable business model through years.

In these pandemic times, let's all continue on supporting our homegrown startups and businesses in the Philippines and help grow the ecosystem to make this possible for founders who have the potential but does not have the enough capital or network to make their idea the next big thing.

What are your thoughts about this?